Pre launch party success!

After a year working on my ideas, a year in lockdown – I thought it was time to put myself out there and see what the world thought our ideas. Is it viable or is it one of those pregnancy brain ideas where everything is amazing, like eating 2 tubs of cottage cheese everyday where actually, it’s probably not the best idea i’ve ever had.

I opened the group with 3 members in, me, the MBN page and a friend…one week later I had 200 ladies there, ready for pre launch night!

24 hours where you see all my designs id been working on specially for BREASTFEEDING (not maternity ;))

I had goals, first one being my 1st paid customer – a massive thing for any business. My second was 5 sales, then 10 as my ultimate goals!

Having had so many technical issues – the LIVE in the group failed… my phone died meaning all my pictures and content wasn’t accessible! .. my laptop wouldn’t let me log into Facebook with- out my phone, neither would the cloud so I was buggered! I was flapping and close to giving up when 10 minutes later, my phone did that little vibrate where it turns on and we were back up!

I can’t explain the relief – although I was already giving up in my head I though my phones back on, im so late, do I just say thank you but sorry or do I carry on? Lucky my other half was right next to me and said I can’t work on this for a year and give up when my phone runs out of battery (sounds ridiculous when he put it like that does it..)

On the night I launched 9 pieces and the next couple that were in the pipeline!

I cannot believe the amazing, overwhelming and just best reaction I could have ever imagined.

Pre launch farrrrr exceeded my expectations and goals with 50 orders that night alone!

This is such a huge step for me and my business. What started out as a couple scribbles in my note pad (YES, i’m a pen and paper gal!) Has turned into a real life business that is growing daily.

The pre launch group has carried on growing to nearly 500 now, no longer a pre launch group but a place where I showcase what’s next and listen to what your want from us as a brand – Im grate- ful its becoming a supportive, non judgmental and safe place for breastfeeding Mummas to share in to.

All in all, I’m so glad I took the plunge.

Pre launch party success!

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