Firstly, thank you for stopping by!

You being here and browsing my creations is absolutely amazing to me.

I’m so excited to share my dream with you! 

So here’s a little bit about us:

I hand pick, source, and cut all the fabric myself, for each and every order. I’m lucky enough to have a small, local, and utterly fantastic team of seamstresses working with me to make sure I can keep up with your orders!


When I was pregnant with Nelly (or Olive as she was known as for a while), I always knew I was going to breastfeed – it wasn’t a question that crossed my mind. The problem was finding breastfeeding clothing that wasn’t frumpy or mumsy.

Surely I can comfortably breastfeed my baby and dress as I’d like to?! I don’t want to have to sacrifice one for the other. 

So there was me, pregnant, thinking to myself “There must be a way”….

The heart and soul of this brand is and always will be you; Mummas.

I found myself in front of my sewing machine, making odd bits here and there. T-shirts, headbands, bags, and some slightly more experimental items, just to see if what I had in my head could become a reality.

And that was it – Mumma By Nature was born!

I am so thankful that we have been able to create a warm, welcoming and supportive community, for the well-versed Mummas, the new Mummas, and the Mummas to be! You deserve to feel confident, comfortable and safe when talking about breastfeeding, whether it be a boobie award or seeking some guidance.

You deserve to feel like you still, fashionable as well as practical when it comes to feeding your beautiful baby! This range is designed to feel like it is part of your pre-baby wardrobe, suit the practicality of your breastfeeding journey, and continue to be worn long after you’ve stopped breastfeeding, without anyone knowing (unless you tell them, of course!) 


Our clothing is not maternity wear, but is instead carefully designed and created to flatter, and to feed discreetly, comfortably and confidently. 

Only the best for you,  Mummas.

From one Mumma to another,
Thank you! xx

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